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我国五种重要吉丁虫学名订正及再描述(鞘翅目: 吉丁甲科)

王小艺*, 曹亮明, 杨忠岐   

  1.  (中国林业科学研究院森林生态环境与保护研究所, 国家林业和草原局森林保护学重点实验室, 北京 100091)
  • 出版日期:2018-10-20 发布日期:2018-10-20

Revision of scientific names and re-description of five important buprestid species (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in China

WANG Xiao-Yi*, CAO Liang-Ming, YANG Zhong-Qi   

  1. (Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of China State Forestry and Grassland Administration, Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China)
  • Online:2018-10-20 Published:2018-10-20

摘要: 【目的】吉丁甲类昆虫是我国重要的农林害虫,但多年来国内文献资料包括一些高校教科书中存在诸多学名问题,如国际上已修订的学名国内长期未更新、错误鉴定、同物异名、种名误记等。本文对我国5种重要吉丁虫进行学名修订。【方法】本研究基于多年来积累的吉丁虫标本,通过比对文献以及与国内外同行讨论、标本检视、解剖生殖器、生物学危害特征观察等方法,对我国5种重要吉丁虫的形态和生物学特征进行比较和分析。【结果】重新描述了5种重要吉丁虫的主要形态特征,并记述了其分布范围、寄主植物、危害习性等,明确了金缘吉丁、杨十斑吉丁、杨五星吉丁、核桃缘吉丁和柳窄吉丁的正确学名分别为Lamprodila limbata (Gebler), Trachypteris picta picta (Pallas), Capnodis miliaris metallica Ballion, Meliboeus ohbayashii primoriensis (Alexeev)和Agrilus pekinensis pekinensis Obenberger。【结论】本研究厘订了我国吉丁甲文献中长期存在的一些学名错误,对解决我国部分吉丁甲类昆虫在研究和防治应用中的学名混乱问题具有重要意义。

关键词: 吉丁甲科, 学名, 分类, 厘定, 形态特征, 中国

Abstract:  【Aim】 Buprestid beetles are important wood boring insect pests in agriculture and forestry in China. However, there are many problems of scientific names of these buprestid beetles for years in Chinese literatures, including some college textbooks, e.g., the scientific names revised in the world but not updated in China over a long period of time, wrong identifications, synonyms, records of mistaken species names, etc. In this article, we revised the scientific names of five important buprestid species. 【Methods】 Based on our collections of buprestid specimens for many years, the morphological and biological characteristics of five important buprestid species in China were compared and analyzed through checking literatures and discussion with associated taxonomists, inspection of specimens, dissection of genitalia, and observations of infestation symptoms. 【Results】 The diagnostic morphological characteristics of the five important buprestid species were re-described, and their distribution ranges, host plants and feeding habits were also noted. The correct scientific names of these five buprestids are Lamprodila limbata (Gebler), Trachypteris picta picta (Pallas), Capnodis miliaris metallica Ballion, Meliboeus ohbayashii primoriensis (Alexeev), Agrilus pekinensis pekinensis Obenberger, respectively. 【Conclusion】 Some errors in scientific names of species of Buprestidae in Chinese literatures for a long time have been corrected in this study, which is helpful to clarify the confusions in the research and control of buprestid pests in China.

Key words: Buprestoidae, scientific name, taxonomy, revision, morphological characteristics, China