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泽桑梓,闫争亮, 张真,马惠芬   

  • 出版日期:2010-05-07 发布日期:2010-03-20
  • 通讯作者: 闫争亮

Identification and bioassay of aggregation pheromone components of Pissodes punctatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

ZE Sang-Zi, YAN Zheng-Liang, ZHANG Zhen, MA Hui-Fen   

  • Online:2010-05-07 Published:2010-03-20

摘要: 为了研制华山松木蠹象Pissodes punctatus Langor et Zhang的引诱剂,对华山松木蠹象的虫粪和雄虫后肠挥发性物质进行了分析鉴定和室内外生物活性测试。经GC-MS测定,发现在华山松木蠹象的新鲜虫粪和雄虫后肠挥发性物质中,除了松树挥发性的单萜烯如α-蒎烯、β-蒎烯和3-蒈烯以外,还存在1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷乙醇(grandisol)。室内Y-型嗅觉仪趋向实验表明,较低浓度的3-(+)-蒈烯、1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷乙醇及其相应的醛1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷2醛(grandisal),引起华山松木蠹象的正趋向反应。林间引诱试验表明,1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷乙醇和1-甲基2-异丙烯基-环丁烷2醛对华山松木蠹象具有一定的引诱作用。由此推断,1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷乙醇可能是华山松木蠹象的集结信息素成分之一。

关键词: 华山松木蠹象, 聚集信息素, 1-甲基-2-异丙烯基-环丁烷乙醇, 趋向反应, 引诱试验

Abstract: For screening attractant semiochemicals of the Armand pine bark weevil, Pissodes punctatus Langor et Zhang, volatiles of adult frass and male hindguts were analysed and tested both in laboratory and in the field. GC-MS analysis confirmed that besides familiar monoterpenes such as α-pinene, β-pinene and 3-carene, cis-2-isopropenyl-1-methylcyclobutannethanol (grandisol) also exists in adult frass and male hindguts of P. punctatus. P. punctatus weevils displayed anemotaxis towards low dosage of 3-(+)-carene, grandisol and its corresponding aldehyde, grandisal, in a Y-tube olfactometer. In field tests, both grandisol and grandisal exhibited attraction activity to the bark weevils. These results suggest that grandisol is a component of aggregation pheromone of P. punctatus.

Key words: Pissodes punctatus, aggregation pheromone, grandisol, taxis responses, attraction test