›› 1996, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (4): 354-359.

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任淑仙 远立江   

  • 出版日期:1996-11-20 发布日期:1996-11-20


Ren Shuxian Yuan Lijiang   

  • Online:1996-11-20 Published:1996-11-20

摘要: 本文对柞蚕Antheraea pernyi滞育蛹体液防卫的某些特性做了报道。结果表明:(1)经注射大肠杆菌诱导6h后,体液中出现了抗菌活性物质。诱导7d后,抗菌活力达到峰值,15d后活力消失。用生理盐水诱导的反应较快,4d后达到峰值,10d后活力消失。(2)经大肠杆菌诱导后的体液对苏芸金杆菌、大肠杆菌、枯草杆菌及金黄葡萄球菌均有杀菌效应。在最初5min内杀菌效率较高。注射生理盐水诱导的体液较大肠杆菌诱导的杀菌效果低。(3)用昆虫病原菌苏芸金杆菌及非病原菌大肠杆菌作不同的诱导源,诱导1d后的体液对大肠杆菌的抗菌活力差别不显著,但对柞蚕蛹的生活力及发育有明显影响;用苏芸金杆菌诱导的柞蚕滞育蛹3d后死亡,用大肠杆菌诱导的蛹能正常羽化。(4)在一定范围内用不同剂量的大肠杆菌进行诱导,其抗菌活力不受影响,但超过一定限度,既使是非病原菌也可以突破昆虫的防卫功能。

关键词: 柞蚕蛹, 防卫有效期, 抗菌活力, 诱导源, 诱导剂量

Abstract: Some characteristics of the humoral defence substance of diapausing pupae of Antheraea pernyi were investigated. The results showed that: (1) After 6 hours of induction with Escherichia coli k-12 antibacterial substance appeared in the haemolymph of the pupae. The antibacterial activity rose to the peak on the 7th day, and disappeared after 15 days. The antibacterial activity induced by injection of salt solution was weaker than that by E.coli, and maintained only about 10 days. (2) In addition to E.coB, Bacillusthuringiensis, Bacillus subtilis as well as Staphlococcus aureus were also susceptible to haemolymph treated with E. coll. The bactericidal effect of the treated haemolymph wasstronger in the first 5 minutes than in the later 15 minutes and was stronger in that induced with E. coli than that with salt solution. (3) B. thuringiensis had the same effect ofinducing antibacterial activity as E. coli, but the diapausing pupae treated with B.Thuringiensis could not devolop and all died after 3 days, while those treated with E. coliedosed normally. (4) Different dosages within a certain range of E. coli produced the sameeffect on induction of antibacterial activity.

Key words: Antheraea pernyi pupa, validity period, antibacterial activity, induction source, induction quantity