›› 2002, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (4): 436-440.

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刘玉秀, 孟宪佐   

  • 出版日期:2002-08-20 发布日期:2002-08-20

Behavioral response of male Acleris fimbriana Thunberg et Becklin (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)to synthetic sex pheromones

LIU Yu-Xiu, MENG Xian-Zuo*   

  • Online:2002-08-20 Published:2002-08-20

摘要: 分别在风洞中和田间观察了黄斑卷蛾Acleris fimbriana Thunberg et Becklin雄蛾对合成性信息素三种成分(E11,13-14∶Ald, E11,13-14∶Ac和E11-14∶Ac)及其不同组合的行为反应。在风洞中,主要活性成分E11,13-14∶Ald能引起雄蛾完成从兴奋到搜索释放源的行为反应,但雄蛾对单个组分E11,13-14∶Ac 或 E11-14∶Ac不呈现任何行为反应。当释放源为双组分 E11,13-14∶Ald+E11,13-14∶Ac (6∶4)或三组分E11,13-14∶Ald+E11,13-14∶Ac+E11-14∶Ac(6∶4∶1)时,可以明显增加雄蛾定向飞行和到达释放源的数量。三组分 E11,13-14∶Ald+E11,13-14∶Ac+E11-14∶Ac的比例为6∶4∶1时,500 μg剂量效果最好。田间试验结果表明,E11,13-14∶Ald单独使用表现出良好的诱蛾活性,其诱蛾量为活雌蛾的1.9倍,而E11,13-14∶Ac和E11-14∶Ac则不具有诱蛾活性。E11,13-14∶Ac对E11,13-14∶Ald有明显的增效作用,三组分E11,13-14∶Ald+E11,13-14∶Ac+E11-14∶Ac(6∶4∶1)诱芯的诱蛾效果最好。

关键词: 黄斑卷蛾, 性信息素, 风洞, 行为反应, 田间试验

Abstract: The behavioral responses of individual male Acleris fimbriana Thunberg et Becklin to synthetic sex pheromone components, E11,13-14∶Ald, E11,13-14∶Ac and E11-14∶Ac were observed in a wind tunnel. The results indicated that E11,13-14∶Ald alone could activate the male behaviors of walking and wing fanning, taking flight, upwind flight, touchdown and walking and wing fanning at source, but copulatory behavior was observed only when E11,13-14∶Ac was added. On the other hand, none of males showed any response to the other two components, E11,13-14∶Ac and E11-14∶Ac. Compared with E11,13-14∶Ald alone, a binary blend of E11,13-14∶Ald and E11,13-14∶Ac (6∶4) increased the number of males exhibiting the behavior of upwind flight and touchdown at source. Furthermore, with 3-component baits, the percentage of walking and wing fanning at source and copulatory behavior showed a highly significant increase. The optimum ratios of 2-component and 3-component pheromone mixtures were 6∶4 and 6∶4∶1 respectively. The optimum dose of synthetic pheromone was 500 μg. In field trapping tests, E11,13-14∶Ald was highly attractive to yellow tortrix males, attracting 1.9 times more males than virgin females, but the other 2 compounds were ineffective. Addition of E11,13-14∶Ac to E11,13-14∶Ald significantly enhanced attraction, while E11-14∶Ac had no effect. A tertiary blend of E11,13-14∶Ald, E11,13-14∶Ac and E11-14∶Ac at a ratio of 6∶4∶1 was the most attractive to males among all compounds testes.

Key words: Acleris fimbriana, sex pheromone, wind tunnel, behavioral response, field tests