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基于18S rDNA的蝗总科分子系统发育关系研究及分类系统探讨


  1. 南京师范大学生命科学学院遗传资源研究所
  • 出版日期:2005-07-10 发布日期:2005-11-20
  • 通讯作者: 蒋国芳

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Acridoidea based on 18S rDNA with a discussion on its taxonomic system

LIU Dian-Feng, JIANG Guo-Fang*   

  1. College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University
  • Online:2005-07-10 Published:2005-11-20
  • Contact: JIANG Guo-Fang

摘要: 将自测的我国直翅目蝗总科7科7种和从GenBank中下载的17种直翅目昆虫的18S rDNA序列片段进行了同源性比较,用似然比检验的方法对序列比对结果进行了碱基替代模型的选择,以蚱总科的Paratettix cucullatus和蜢总科的Stiphra robusta作外群,用NJ、MP、ML和贝叶斯法构建了分子系统树。在获得的1 849 bp的序列中,有205个变异位点,74个简约信息位点; A、T、C和G的碱基平均含量分别为23.9%、24.3%、23.8%和28.0%,碱基组成基本上无偏异。分子系统树表明: 所研究的内群聚为4支,锥头蝗科、瘤锥蝗科、斑腿蝗科、网翅蝗科、槌角蝗科和剑角蝗科都不是单系。建议将蝗总科分为4科,即锥头蝗科、大腹蝗科、癞蝗科和蝗科。  

关键词: 直翅目, 蝗总科, 18S rDNA, 分子系统树, 系统发育, 分类系统

Abstract: The fragments of 18S rRNA gene were sequenced for 7 species  from 7 families of Acridoidea, and the homologous sequences of 17 species of Orthoptera were downloaded from the GenBank data library. After the sequences were aligned, likelihood ratio test was used to find the best model of nucleotide substitution fitting the data obtained from alignment. The molecular phylogenetic trees were reconstructed using Paratettix cucullatus of Tetrigoidea and Stiphra robusta of Eumastacoidea as outgroups with NJ, MP, ML and Bayesian methods. There were 205 variable sites and 74 parsimony-informative sites in the 1 849 nucleotides of the data, and the relative frequencies of the four nucleotides were approximately equal, which showed that the base compositions were not biased. The molecular phylogenetic trees showed that Acridoidea was divided into four clades, and the present families including Chrotogonidae, Pyrgomorphidae, Catantopidae, Arcypteridae, Gomphoceridae and Acrididae, were not monophyletic. It is suggested that Acridoidea be divided into four families:  Pyrgomorphidae, Pamphagidae, Pneumoroidae and Acrididae.

Key words: Orthoptera, Acridoidea, 18S rDNA, molecular phylogenetic tree, phylogeny, taxonomic system