›› 2018, Vol. 61 ›› Issue (1): 94-102.doi: 10.16380/j.kcxb.2018.01.011

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张洁1, 刘辉2, 杨晓伟1, 张兴1,*   

  1. (1. 西北农林科技大学无公害农药研究服务中心, 陕西杨陵 712100; 2. 深圳馥稷生物科技有限公司, 广东深圳 518133)
  • 出版日期:2018-01-20 发布日期:2018-01-20

Screening of plant-derived synergistic agents for mosquito coil based on the bioefficacy against Culex pipiens pallens (Diptera: Culicidae)

ZHANG Jie1, LIU Hui2, YANG Xiao-Wei1, ZHANG Xing1,*   

  1. (1. Research & Development Center of Biorational Pesticide, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China; 2. Shenzhen Fuji Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong 518133, China)
  • Online:2018-01-20 Published:2018-01-20

摘要: 【目的】本研究通过测定固体蚊香对淡色库蚊Culex pipiens pallens的生物活性,比较筛选冬青油等12种植物精油对固体蚊香的增效活性,为其开发和应用提供理论依据。【方法】以淡色库蚊羽化后3-5 d的成蚊为试虫,采用密闭圆筒法测定冬青油、八角叶油、黄樟油、香樟油、香茅油、山苍子油、白樟油、柠檬草油、薄荷素油、八角茴香油、芳樟油和熏衣草油12种精油对蚊香中烯丙菊酯的协同增效作用;采用密闭圆筒法和5.8 m3小屋法相结合的方法,对筛选出增效活性明显的植物精油进行组合复配,筛选出最佳组合配方并进行质量指标测定。【结果】通过生物测定发现冬青油、芳樟油、黄樟油、白樟油和香樟油5种植物精油对烯丙菊酯具有较好的协同增效作用,增效比为1.292~1.364;冬青油和香樟油的混合物(1∶1)对盘式蚊香中烯丙菊酯具有明显的协同增效作用。通过对溶剂、乳化剂的筛选,确定增效剂的配方为30%~84%的植物提取物、10%~53.5%的溶剂、6.5%的乳化剂(NP-2),其中最经济的增效剂配方为30%冬青油+30%香樟油+3.35%乙酸乙酯+30.15%乙酸丁酯+6.5% NP-2。【结论】本研究得出的盘式蚊香增效剂配方(30%冬青油+30%香樟油+3.35%乙酸乙酯+30.15%乙酸丁酯+6.5% NP-2)在蚊香中对于烯丙菊酯具有明显的增效效果,具有显著的产业化开发前景。

关键词: 淡色库蚊, 植物精油, 蚊香, 增效活性, 质量指标

Abstract: 【Aim】 This study aims to compare the synergism of 12 essential oils such as wintergreen oil to solid mosquito repellent in the bioassay of solid mosquito coil against Culex pipiens pallens, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the development and application of solid mosquito coil. 【Methods】 With the 3-5 day-old adults of Cx. pipiens pallens as the test insects, the synergistic effects of 12 essential oils including wintergreen oil, octagonal leaf oil, sassafras oil, camphor oil, citronella oil, litseacubeba oil, white camphor oil, lemon grass oil, peppermint oil, star anise oil, linaloe wood oil and lavender oil on allethrin in solid mosquito coil were determined using closed cylinder. Mixtures of essential oils with obvious synergistic effects screened above were made, the best mixture was screened using closed cylinder and the 5.8 m3 cabin, and its quality was tested. 【Results】 The results showed that five essential oils including wintergreen oil, linaloe wood oil, sassafras oil, white camphor oil and camphor oil had good synergistic effects on allethrin, with the synergistic ratios of 1.292-1.364, and the mixture of wintergreen oil and camphor oil (1∶1) had an obvious synergistic effect on allethrin. After selection of the solvent and emulsifier, the formula of synergists was determined as 30%-84% plant extracts, 10%-53.5% solvent and 6.5% emulsifier (NP-2), and the most economic formula of synergists was 30% wintergreen oil+30% camphor oil+3.35% ethyl acetate+30.15% butyl acetate+6.5% NP-2. 【Conclusion】 The formulated synergist (30% wintergreen oil+30% camphor oil+3.35% ethyl acetate+30.15% butyl acetate+6.5% NP-2)has an obvious effect on allyl permethrin in solid mosquito coil with a promising future of commercialization.

Key words: Culex pipiens pallens; essential oil, mosquito coil, synergistic activity, quality index