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冯国蕾 何凤琴 李 梅 赵文柱   

  • 出版日期:1997-02-20 发布日期:1997-02-20


Feng Guolei He Fengqin Li Mci Zhao Wenzhu   

  • Online:1997-02-20 Published:1997-02-20

摘要: 通过生物测定比较溴氰菊酯、氯菊酯和DDT对Dec-R,2C1-R,DDT-R和敏感(SP)家蝇Musca domestica vicina的毒力,表明三个抗性品系对溴氰菊酯、氯菊酯和DDT均有很高的抗性,抗性倍数分别达120 912,6 032和112.2倍,并对上述三种杀虫剂有明显的交互抗性和抗击倒效应。杂交试验表明Dec-R对溴氰菊酯的抗性是一个隐性基因,电生理试验表明抗性家蝇中枢神经系统(CNS)对药剂敏感度的降低是其产生抗性和交互抗性的重要机制。研究结果表明Dec-R和2CLR家蝇品系中存在有击倒抗性因子(Kdr)。当用1×10-7mol/L溴氰菊酯对SP家蝇脑突触体在提高K+浓度去极化后,可加强3H-胆碱的释放,而在Dec-R品系中,溴氰菊酯浓度提高到1×10-4m0l/L也未能加强3H-胆碱的释放,表明溴氰菊酯与神经递质的释放和钠通道亲和性的降低是抗性的主要机制。

关键词: 家蝇, 拟除虫菊酯抗性, 抗性机理, 神经递质释放

Abstract: The LD50 values and the knockdown effects of deltamethrin, permethrin and DDT to Dec-R, 2C1-R and susceptible (SP) strains of house flies were investigated. The resuits indicate that the resistances of the Dec-R, 2C1-R and DDT-R to deltamethrin, permethrin and DDT were 120 912, 6 032 and 112 folds respectively in comparison with Spstrain. Significant cross-resistance to the above insecticides as found in these three resistant strains, which also demonstrated resistance to the knockdown by pyrethroid and DDT. Theparameters of synergism of PB to deltamethrin and permethrin in Dec-R and 2CI-R were determined. The relative percentages of synergism (R%S ?) from these two resistant strains were much higher than that of the SP (R%S (S)). When crossing Dec-R femals with SP males and Dec-R males with SP femals, the resistance of F1, adults to deltamethrin decreased 16 860 and 26 319-fold respectively as compared with that of the Dec-R. The results suggested that there is a recessive gene responsible for the deltamethrin resistance in theDec-R strain. The sensitivity of the central nervous system (CNS) in the houseflies to DDT, permethrin and deltamethrin was studied with electrophysiological technique. The results show that the CNS insensitivity is an important factor of resistance to DDT andpyrethroid in the housefly, and it is also an important cause of cross-resistance among DDT and pyrethroid analogues. These results suggested that the mechanism for pyrethroid-resistance in housefly may be caused by Kdr genes.Pretreatment with 10-7 mol/L deltamethrin and pulse-depolarization by high K+(55 mmol/L) for synaptosomes enhanced the release of3H-choline in the susceptible houseflies. But in similar experiments using synaptosomes from Dec-R house flies and pretreated with 10-4 mol/L deltamethrin and K+, the enhancment of 3H-choline release was minor or absent. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that the knockdown (Dec-R) resistance is most likely due to a decreased affinity of voltagegated sodium channel for pyrethroids.

Key words: houseflies, pyrethroid-resistance, resistance mechanism, neurotransmitter re- lease