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温硕洋 谢力 彭统序   

  • 出版日期:1997-08-20 发布日期:1997-08-20


Wen Shuoyang Xie Li Peng Tongxu   

  • Online:1997-08-20 Published:1997-08-20

摘要: 本文对Tamura(1988)提纯mtDNA的方法进行改进,建立了林氏果蝇Drosophila lini 线粒体DNA大量制备的方法;对采自原产地台湾省的单雌晶系TAW3146.1的线粒体DNA用10种限制性内切酶进行了酶切,得出了林氏果蝇mtDNA的分子量大小为16.3kb;用双酶切法制作了林氏果蝇线粒体DNA酶切图谱,并与属于同一复合种组的D.Kikkawai的酶切图谱进行比较。所用的内切酶有XbaI、AvaI、EcoRV、ScaI、SacI、EcoR I、HindIII、PvuⅡ、BamHI、PstⅡ。

关键词: 林氏果蝇, 线粒体DNA, 限制性内切酶, 酶切图谱

Abstract: A sibling species of Drosophila lini has been recognized by biochemical analyses(Ohnishi and Watanabe 1984, Kim et al 1993) . Oguma et al (1995) confirmed this fact in their study of courtship behavior and reproductive isolation between Drosophila lini and its siblings. We have conducted on postmating reproductive isolation of this species among populations from China (Taiwan, Guangdong) and Burma, the results indicated that reproductive isolation of populations between China and Burma has occurred, even between two populations (MMY and RGN) within Burma. Mitochondrial DNA of D. lini was extracted by a rapid isolation method (Tamura,1988) with some modifications. The modified method is suitable for large-scale preparation of mtDNA from D. lini 10 restriction endonucleases (Xba I , Ava I , EcoR I , Sac I , Sca I , EcoR V , Hind III , Pvu II , BamH I and Pst I ) were used in this study. The estimated size of D. lini mitochondrial genome was 16.3 kb. Restriction map of D. lini (TAW 3146.1 ) mtDNA was established by double-digestion method, 27 cleavage sites were mapped. Comparison of the restriction map of the D. lini mtDNA to that of D. kikkawai mtDNA with five restriction endonucleases (Xba I , Ava I , Sac I , EcoR I and Hind III ) showed that 83.3 X of the cleavage sites of D. lini were same to those of D. kikkawai. There were three cleavage sites in the conservative large Rrna gene region in D. lini, these three cleavage sites also occurred in other species of Drosophila.

Key words: Drosophila lini, mitochondrial DNA, restriction endonucleases, restriction map