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王进忠 丁建云 王宗舜   

  • 出版日期:1997-08-20 发布日期:1997-08-20


Wang Jinzhong Ding Jianyun Wang Zongshun   

  • Online:1997-08-20 Published:1997-08-20

摘要: 粘虫(Mythimna separata)胚胎发育经过卵裂及胚盘形成、胚带及原肠发生、胚带分节及附肢形成、体壁形成及背向闭合、胚胎反转和器官发生与形成6个时期。粘虫卵在25℃,胚胎发育至12h,胚带呈新月形或“C”字形。随着原肠发生,首先出现口陷与肛陷,与此同时,胚带逐渐伸长并开始分节。胚胎发育至32h,胚带头尾相接并呈波浪形弯曲,在胚胎反转前,胚胎发育至42h,前肠、后肠及马氏管已经形成。胚胎发育至54h时,胚动完成之 后,中肠才明显可见。同时将大量卵黄包围起来。神经系统的发生与气管形成始于原肠发生之后,至胚胎反转之前,神经节索才出现,随着胚动发生,神经节体积不断增大,腹神经索逐渐形成,纵走气管明显可见。

关键词: 粘虫, 胚胎发育, 组织发生, 胚动

Abstract: Embryonic development of the oriental armyworm, Mythimna separata(Walker) requires 93 h for eclosion at (25-3-1)℃. The zygote nucleus is slightly posterior to the center of the egg at 0.5 h. The cleavage nuclei continue to divide, and migrate toward the periplasm through 8 h when blastoderm begins to form at the periphery. The germ band is formed in the posterior region of the egg at 10 h. Gastrulation begins at 20 h. The stomodeum invaginates at 28 h, followed by the proctodeum at 32 h. The midgut rudiment arises at 42 h by fusion of anterior and posterior mesenteron rudiments. The midgut closes at 54 h and Malpighian tubules are well developed, nearly simultaneous with blastokinesisby 42 h. Neuroblasts appear at 20 h, brain formation begins at 32 h, and ventral nerve cord is defined by 40 h. Formation of the tracheal system begins at 40 h and is completed by 68 h. Procuticle is first secreted on the mandibles at 68 h and progresses steadily backward until the entire body enclosed in cuticle by 87 h. Dorsal closure begins at 42 h with dorsal growth of the lateral walls of ectoderm. Fusion of the two lateral walls occurs at 54 h and completes before hatching.

Key words: Mythirnna separata, embryogenesis, histogenesis, blastokinesis