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  • 出版日期:2010-07-27 发布日期:2008-08-20
  • 通讯作者: 郭予元

Progress of proteomics and its application in insects

CHEN Li-Zhen   

  • Online:2010-07-27 Published:2008-08-20

摘要: 蛋白质组学在模式昆虫中的应用随着这些模式昆虫全基因序列先后完成而相继展开。蛋白组学作为一门有效而直观的研究整体蛋白质的方法,在非模式昆虫中应用也非常广泛。蛋白质组学在模式昆虫中主要应用于黑腹果蝇Drosophila melanogaster、家蚕Bombyx mori、冈比亚按蚊Anopheles gambiae、意大利蜜蜂Apis mellifera中;在非模式昆虫中主要应用在各种昆虫的生理、药剂毒理和化学生态学研究中。

关键词: 蛋白质组学, 模式昆虫, 非模式昆虫, 双向电泳, 生物质谱, 生物信息学

Abstract: After the full genome sequence of model insects had been determinedapplication of proteomics in model insects was developed subsequently. Proteomics has mainly been applied in such model insects as Drosophila melanogasterBombyx moriAnopheles gambiae and Apis mellifera. As an effective and direct approach proteomics can also be widely applied in studying physiologytoxicology and chemical ecology of nonmodel insects.

Key words: Proteomics, model insects, non-model insects, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, biological mass spectrometry, bioinformatics