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苏晓红, 王云霞, 魏艳红, 朱蓉   

  • 出版日期:2010-03-25 发布日期:2010-02-20
  • 通讯作者: 苏晓红

Immunocytochemical localization of androgen receptor-like in spermatogenesis in reproductives and workers of Reticulitermes aculabialis (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

SU Xiao-Hong, WANG Yun-Xia, WEI Yan-Hong, ZHU Rong   

  • Online:2010-03-25 Published:2010-02-20

摘要: 为了比较和探讨类雄激素受体 (androgen receptor-like,AR-like)在白蚁生殖品级和非生殖品级精子发生过程中的作用,运用免疫细胞化学方法对尖唇散白蚁Reticulitermes aculabialis繁殖蚁和工蚁精子发生中的AR-like的定位进行了研究。结果显示:在繁殖蚁和工蚁精子发生过程中都有AR-like免疫阳性细胞的分布,均分布于初级精母细胞的细胞质和细胞核中;与繁殖蚁相比,AR-like在工蚁中的表达较弱。结果提示,AR-like的表达与精子发生过程中初级精母细胞的减数分裂有关,雄激素及其受体通过调控精母细胞的第一次减数分裂来影响白蚁精子的发生。虽然工蚁的精巢发育受抑制,但其精子发生和维持具有与繁殖蚁相同的激素调节机制,能形成精子。本研究为工蚁性腺退化不育而根据群体的变化又可以发育为补充繁殖蚁这一特殊的生理功能提供了组织学依据。

关键词: 尖唇散白蚁, 类雄激素受体, 精子发生, 工蚁, 繁殖蚁

Abstract: In order to explore the role of androgen receptor-like (AR-like) during spermatogenesis of termites, immunocytochemistry method was employed to locate AR-like of reproductives and workers of Reticulitermes aculabialis during the spermatogenesis. The results showed that the AR-ike existed in the cytoplasm and the nucleus of primary spermatocyte in spermatogenesis in reproductives and workers, with a lower expression level in workers than that in reproductives. The results suggest that the expression of AR-ike is associated with the meiosis of primary spermatocytes during spermatogenesis, and androgen and AR-ike affected spermatogenesis by regulating the first meiosis of spermatocytes. Although the testes development of workers is restrained, workers have the same mechanism of hormonal regulation as the reproductives during spermatogenesis, so they are able to form sperms in their testes. These results provide new histological evidence that workers can differentiate into notenic reproductives according to the demand of the colony, even though the gonads of workers have degenerated.

Key words: Reticulitermes aculabialis, androgen receptor-ike, spermatogenesis, workers, reproductives