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史丽*, 申荣荣, 韩晔, 高雪峰, 陈超, 陈鹰, 朱雨轩, 田明润, 孙伟杰, 金春燕, 德超群   

  1. (内蒙古农业大学农学院, 呼和浩特 010019)
  • 出版日期:2017-12-20 发布日期:2017-12-20

A preliminary survey of species diversity of the freshwater insects in Inner Mongolia (In English)

SHI Li*, SHEN Rong-Rong, HAN Ye, GAO Xue-Feng, CHEN Chao, CHEN Ying, ZHU Yu-Xuan, TIAN Ming-Run, SUN Wei-Jie, JIN Chun-Yan, DE Chao-Qun   

  1. (College of Agronomy, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot 010019, China)
  • Online:2017-12-20 Published:2017-12-20

摘要: 【目的】探讨内蒙古水生昆虫的物种多样性,积累基本数据,为将其应用于水质监测奠定理论基础,并为加强保护淡水昆虫资源提供依据。【方法】采用综合定性采样法进行采集,水质评价采用科级生物指数(FBI)、EPT物种丰富度、Shannon-Wiener生物多样性指数。【结果】在52个采集点获取水生昆虫共计7目59科187种。研究发现1新种,1中国新纪录属,2中国新纪录种,2内蒙古新纪录科,3新纪录属,25新纪录种,另有待鉴种56个。7目昆虫的多样性分析结果显示,毛翅目和蜉蝣目的物种多样性较高,而襀翅目物种多样性明显较低;毛翅目和蜉蝣目的科数和个体数占总类群的42.37%和84.29%,这2个目均属优势类群。物种多样性较高的地区主要集中在内蒙古东部,包括呼伦贝尔市、兴安盟、通辽市、赤峰市。通过科级生物指数、EPT丰富度和Shannon-Wiener生物多样性指数的水质评价比较结果显示,前两者的评估结果相近,且明显不同于Shannon-Wiener生物多样性指数。【结论】内蒙古地区毛翅目和蜉蝣目昆虫耐污值较低的种类比较丰富,因此,这两类昆虫更适合指示该地区的水质状况。

关键词: 毛翅目, 襀翅目, 蜉蝣目, 水质, 淡水, 物种多样性

Abstract: Abstract: 【Aim】This study aims to provide the basic scientific data of aquatic insect species in Inner Mongolia and a solid base for their potential application in freshwater quality monitoring and protection by the government and scientists in the future. 【Methods】Benthic aquatic insects were sampled by using a qualitative collection method and the water quality was assessed by the family biotic index (FBI), EPT species richness and Shannon-Wiener biodiversity index.【Results】Of 187 freshwater insect species in 72 genera, 59 families, 7 orders collected in the 52 localities, 1 species was new to science; 2 families, 3 genera and 25 species were newly recorded in Inner Mongolia; 1 genus and 2 species were recorded for the first time in China; and 56 additional species are under identification. The diversity of Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera were the highest while that of Plecoptera was the lowest in recorded 7 orders; the proportions of families and individuals of the two orders accounted for 42.37% and 84.29%, respectively, so Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera are dominant groups among the seven orders. The localities of rich species diversity were distributed mainly in the eastern Inner Mongolia, including Hulunber, Hinggan League, Tongliao and Chifeng. The water quality ranks assessed by the family biotic index, EPT species richness and Shannon-Wiener biodiversity index showed that the evaluation results of FBI and EPT species richness were similar, but differed greatly from that of Shannon-Wiener biodiversity index. 【Conclusion】 There are more abundant species of Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera with lower tolerance value in Inner Mongolia, so the caddisflies and mayflies are more suitable and better candidates as indicators of water quality in this region.

Key words: Trichoptera, Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, water quality, freshwater, species diversity