›› 2009, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (2): 223-227.

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Establishment and optimization of ISSRPCR reaction system and its application in the genetic coefficient analysis of Bombus hypocrita Pérez (Hymenoptera: Apidae)


  • Online:2009-03-18 Published:2009-02-20

Abstract: In this study, the ISSR-PCR reaction system was established, optimized and then used to analyze the genetic coefficient and the subfamily composition of Bombus hypocrita Pérez.The optimized reaction system was established as follows: 1×PCR buffer, 0.3 mmol/L dNTP, 1.25 μmol/L primer, 3 mmol/L Mg2+, 2.5U Taq polymerase and 8.18-23.76 μg/mL DNA. Our results indicated that ISSR markers obtained with this optimized system could be effectively used to analyze the genetic coefficient and subfamily composition.

Key words: Bumble bee, Bombus hypocrita, ISSRPCR, clustering analysis, genetic coefficient, copulation