›› 2002, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (4): 425-429.

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Volatile compositions of transgenic Bt cotton and their electrophysiological effects on the cotton bollworm

YAN Feng-Ming1,2, XU Chong-Ren1, Marie BENGTSSON3, Peter WITZGALL3,Peter ANDERSON3   

  • Online:2002-08-20 Published:2002-08-20

Abstract: In order to provide chemical and ecological evidence for the ecological risk assessment of transgenic cotton volatile chemical compositions from transgenic Bt cotton “GK-12” and regular cotton “Simian No. 3” were analysed and antennal responses of mated female cotton bollworms to these substances are reported. The ratios of α-pinene and β-0pinene were much higher in the volatiles of transgenic Bt cotton than those of regular cotton and two compounds in transgenic Bt cotton volatiles were absent in regular cotton. Nine compounds in volatiles of transgenic Bt cotton were responsible for EAD peaks in GC-EAD tests.

Key words: volatile secondary metabolites, transgenic Bt cotton, chemical analysis, GCEAD, Helicoverpa armigera