›› 2002, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (4): 441-446.

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谭速进1, 谭晓宏2, 杜林方2, 何俊华3, 唐振华4   

  • 出版日期:2002-08-20 发布日期:2002-08-20

Inhibition of main components of a new pyrethroid termiticide on CarEs and CaATPase in Reticulitermes chinensis Snyder

TAN Su-Jin1, TAN Xiao-Hong2, DU Lin-Fang2, HE Jun-Hua3, TANG Zhen-Hua4   

  • Online:2002-08-20 Published:2002-08-20

摘要: 以黑胸散白蚁Reticulitermes chinensis Snyder为试验材料,研究了一种白蚁防治复合剂中的主要成分对白蚁体内羧酸酯酶(CarEs)和钙腺苷三磷酸酶(Ca-ATPase)的影响。结果表明:氯菊酯在终浓度为1.66×10-4 mol·L-1以下时,对羧酸酯酶无明显抑制作用;八氯二丙醚和壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚在此浓度下都对羧酸酯酶表现出明显抑制作用,其IC50分别为7.1148×10-5 mol·L-1和7.3373×10-4 mol·L-1;氯菊酯对Ca-ATPase表现出较强抑制作用,IC50为5.11×10-7 mol·L-1。认为Ca-ATPase是黑胸散白蚁体内拟除虫菊酯类杀虫剂作用的主要靶标之一。

关键词: 黑胸散白蚁, 羧酸酯酶, 钙-腺苷三磷酸酶, 白蚁防治复合剂, 酶活性抑制

Abstract: The inhibition of the main components of a new kind of permethrin termiticide on carboxylesterase (CarEs) and Ca-ATPase in Reticulitermes chinensis Snyder was investigated. The results showed that at concentration of 1.66×104 mol·L1 octachlorodipropyl ether and OP-emulsifier in the compound could inhibit the specific activity of CarEs, while permethrin could inhibit the specific activity of Ca-ATPase strongly. The IC50 values were 7.1148×105 mol·L1, 7.3373×104 mol·L1 and 5.11×107 mol·L1 respectively. The fact that Ca-ATPase function was more strongly affected than that of Na-K-ATPase, and that permethrin could strongly inhibit the activity of Ca-ATPase on the synaptosome of Reticulitermes chinensis, implies that Ca-ATPase is the primary neuronal target site of pyrethroids in Isoptera.

Key words: Reticulitermes chinensis, CarEs, Ca-ATPase, termiticide compound, inhibition of enzyme activity