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  • 出版日期:2003-04-20 发布日期:2003-04-20

Perspectives on apparent competition in insects

CHENG Xin-Yue, XU Ru-Mei   

  • Online:2003-04-20 Published:2003-04-20

摘要: 表观竞争是资源竞争以外的一种新型的种间关系,是指由共同享有的自然天敌中介的、物种之间在种群数量上表现出明显负效应的现象。物种之间的表观竞争被认为和资源竞争具有同等的重要性,尤其是对植食性昆虫来说更为重要。近十年来关于昆虫表观竞争的理论和实验研究进展迅速,已成为昆虫生态学研究中的一个新的生长点。本文从表观竞争的定义、实验研究实例、理论模型、作用机制及共存机制等方面,对近些年来关于昆虫表观竞争研究的进展进行了概括和总结,并对表观竞争理论在害虫防治中的应用前景进行了展望。

关键词: 昆虫, 种间关系, 表观竞争, 生物防治

Abstract: Apparent competition is a new type of indirect interaction between species that is different from resource-mediated competition. It is a phenomenon In which two species that share a natural enemy negatively affect each other’s abundance. It is now known that apparent competition is as important as resource-mediated competition, especially for phytophagous insects. There has been great progress in theoretical and experimental aspects of apparent competition over the last 10 years. This paper reviews recent studies on different aspects of apparent competition in insects, including the underlying concepts, experiments, theoretical models, mechanisms of interaction and coexistence etc. The application of apparent competition in pest control is discussed.

Key words: insect, species interaction, apparent competition, biological control.