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付新华1, OHBA Nobuyoshi2, 王余勇1, 雷朝亮1*   

  1. 华中农业大学植物科技学院, 昆虫资源研究所
  • 出版日期:2005-07-10 发布日期:2005-11-20
  • 通讯作者: 雷朝亮

Bioluminescent courtship behavior of aquatic firefly Luciola substriata (Gorh.) (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in China

FU Xin-Hua1, OHBA Nobuyoshi2, WANG Yu-Yong1, LEI Chao-Liang1*   

  1. Institute of Insect Resources, College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Online:2005-07-10 Published:2005-11-20
  • Contact: LEI Chao-Liang

摘要: 水栖萤火虫条背萤Luciola substriata (Gorh.)发出单脉冲周期性特异闪光信号进行求偶。室外观测发现,在23℃、86% RH时,雄萤飞行求偶闪光信号脉冲闪光持续时间为0.52 s,间隔时间为0.28 s,闪光信号的最大亮度为0.6 lx; 雌萤求偶信号周期为 0.67 s,最大亮度为0.4 lx。雄萤发出求偶信号0.22 s后,雌萤发出两个连续的回应信号。第一个回应信号为0.49 s,第二个为0.41 s, 两个回应信号的间隔时间为0.11 s。雄萤发现雌萤回应信号后,降落至离雌萤5~10 cm处,继续发出闪光信号,但闪光脉冲频率减小,闪光脉冲时间为1.23 s,间隔时间为0.50 s。条背萤交配时呈“V”或“一”字形交配姿势。  

关键词: 条背萤, 水栖萤火虫, 求偶行为, 生物发光, 两性闪光通讯

Abstract: Aquatic firefly Luciola substriata emits single species-specific flash signals for courtship. Under 23℃ and 86% RH, flying male adults emit flash signal with flash duration 0.52 s, interval 0.28 s, and flash intensity peak of 0.6 lx. The flash signal period of female adults is 0.67 s and the intensity peak is 0.4 lx. About 0.22 s after male advertising signal, female adults respond with two flash signals. The duration of the first response signal is 0.49 s and the second is 0.41 s. The interval of the two response signals is 0.11 s. When received the response flash signals, flying male adults land 5~10 cm near the female adults and continue to flash. At this time, the signal frequency of male adults become lower, with flash duration 1.23 s and the interval 0.5 s. Adults of L. substriata mate with copulatory position of “V" or “-" type. 

Key words: Luciola substriata, aquatic firefly, courtship behavior, bioluminescence, bioluminescent sexual communication