›› 2005, Vol. 48 ›› Issue (6): 892-897.

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刘芳, 傅强, 赖凤香, 张志涛   

  1. 扬州大学农学院植物保护系
  • 出版日期:2005-12-29 发布日期:2005-12-20
  • 通讯作者: 刘芳

A linkage between inheritance of virulence and sex in the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål)

LIU Fang, FU Qiang, LAI Feng-Xiang, ZHANG Zhi-Tao   

  1. Department of Plant Protection, Agriculture College, Yangzhou University
  • Online:2005-12-29 Published:2005-12-20


以单雌蜜露排泄量和体重增量作为致害性指标,研究了稻褐飞虱Nilaparvata lugens (Stål)的致害性遗传与性别的关联性。褐飞虱弱致害种群(TN1种群)与强致害种群(Mudgo种群或ASD7种群)(已分别用水稻品种TN1、Mudgo和ASD7强迫饲养82代)在抗虫品种水稻上的致害力差异明显,适宜作为遗传分析的亲本材料。当用蜜露排泄量作为致害性指标时,两种处理(TN1种群与Mudgo种群,TN1种群与ASD7种群)正、反杂交的F1代雌成虫平均蜜露排泄量存在极显著差异,由此可以推断正交F1代群体与反交F1代群体致害性存在明显差别。用体重增量作为致害性指标进行实验,得到的结论与上述研究完全一致。以上的结果可推测稻褐飞虱致害性可能属于伴性遗传。

关键词: 稻褐飞虱, 水稻, 蜜露排泄量, 增重, 致害性, 遗传, 性别


The linkage between inheritance of virulence and sex in the brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) was studied based on two virulence indices,  honeydew excretion and weight gain. Virulence in three host related populations of BPH, which had been reared on rice variety TN1, Mudgo and ASD7 for 82 generations respectively, were studied with honeydew excretion and weight gain of female adult tested in 48 h. Virulence of BPH from avirulent BPH population (TN1 population, most individuals are avirulent), were significantly weaker than that from virulent BPH populations (Mudgo or ASD7 populations, most individuals are virulent). So, crosses and backcrosses were conducted between avirulent and virulent population to study the genetic model of virulence of BPH. In honeydew excretion testing, the results showed that the mean honeydew excretion of famale adults was significantly different in reciprocal cross populations (F1 populations), which indicated that there were obvious differences in the virulence of these populations. The same result was obtained with the index of weight gain. The above results suggest that the inheritance of virulence of the brown planthopper may be sex-linked.

Key words: Nilaparvata lugens, rice, honeydew excretion, weight gain, virulence, inheritance, sex