›› 2007, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (5): 435-440.

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  1. (西南大学蚕学与生物技术学院,农业部蚕桑学重点开放实验室,重庆400716)
  • 出版日期:2007-06-08 发布日期:2007-10-20
  • 通讯作者: 夏庆友

Screening chemical mutagens and their induced mutants in silkworm, Bombyx mori

LIN Ying, CHEN Dong-Mei, DAI Fang-Yin, YANG Yu, XIANG Zhong-Huai, XIA Qing-You   

  1. The Key Sericultural Laboratory of Agricultural Ministry, College of Sericulture and Biotechnology, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, China
  • Online:2007-06-08 Published:2007-10-20
  • Contact: XIA Qing-You

摘要: 在家蚕Bombyx mori基因组计划完成之后,其功能基因组研究成为该领域的最重要课题。突变体是功能基因组学研究的重要材料,因此,通过人为诱导获取大量的突变系统是及其重要的手段。本研究用化学诱变剂ENU、MNU、DES、5-BU、EMS诱导处理家蚕标准品种C108,筛选获得了非滞育红卵,长圆筒茧、小茧、丝胶茧及绵茧突变体,致死突变体及无鳞毛蛾翅突变体。结果还表明: MNU、DES诱变家蚕的突变效率高,注射翅原基比腹部更方便且效果好,化学诱导雄体比雌体的效果好; 在时期上,注射蛹和蛾都有诱导效果。上述突变体大多为致死性突变,推测其可能与致死性基因突变有关。同时,本研究为应用TILLING技术鉴定家蚕更多目的基因突变体提供了有效的材料。

关键词: 家蚕, 化学诱变剂, 突变体, 筛选, TILLING技术

Abstract: The functional genomics of silkworm, Bombyx mori has become the research hotspot after the genomic project of the silkworm was successfully completed. Since mutants may play important roles in functional genomics research, obtaining a large of mutant strains with manually induced mutations is a very important strategy. Some mutants such as non-diapausing red eggs, long tube-shaped cocoons, small cocoons, sericin cocoons, flossy cocoons, lethal mutants and no adult wing hairs mutants were screened and obtained in this study via inducing standard strain of silkworm C108 with chemical mutagens including ENU, MNU, DES, 5-BU and EMS. We found that MNU and DES were more efficient than other mutagens. Injecting wing disc of silkworm was more convenient and effective method than injecting abdomen. Mutations could be more efficiently induced by chemical mutagens in male than in female. Injecting pupa and adult were both feasible. Most of the mutants mentioned above were lethal mutations, which may be associated with lethal genes. This study also provided effective materials for screening more mutants of the target genes in silkworm by TILLING technology.

Key words: Bombyx mori, chemical mutagen, mutant, screening, TILLING technology