›› 1997, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (3): 283-287.

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Xu Tianrui Liu Chenguang Wu Cibin   

  • Online:1997-08-20 Published:1997-08-20

Abstract: The ultrastructure of Malpighian tubules of white wax scale, Ericerus pelaChavannes was studied in 1993-1994. The results are summarized as follows. According to our observation, Malpighian tubules of white wax scale consist of two yellow beaded distal tubules and one common tubule, which joins the gut. The structure of basal tubules and common tubule cells are similar. The Malpighian tubules of this insect possess non-collagen basement membrane, highly infolded basal foldings, and long and packed microvilli. There are 3-7 microtubules in each microvillus which carries out exocytosis. There are a few mitochondria distributing randomly and lots of ribosomes in the cytoplasm of Malpighian tubules. The cytoplasm is full of two sorts of mineraluric acid concretions designated as laminated concretion and irregular concretion. The excretion pattern of Malpighian tubules of white wax scale is a special one, in which the store-excretion pattern is primary and the ion-gradient excretion pattern is secondary.

Key words: white wax scale, Malpighian tubule, ultrastructure, intracellular concretion