›› 2009, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (6): 679-683.

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A taxonomic study of the genus Conophymacris Willemse (Orthoptera:Catantopidae) from China, with descriptions of two new species


  • Online:2009-06-20 Published:2009-06-20

Abstract: The genus Conophymacris Willemse from China was reviewed, with ten species recorded, including two new species:Conophymacris xianggelilaensis Niu et Zheng, sp. nov. and Conophymacris jiulongensis Zheng et Shi, sp. nov. A key to the species of Conophymacris from China is provided. Type specimens are kept in the Institute of Zoology, Shaanxi Normal University and Museum of Hebei University.

Key words: Orthoptera, Catantopidae, Conophymacris, taxonomy, new species