Acta Entomologica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 63 ›› Issue (9): 1153-1158.doi: 10.16380/j.kcxb.2020.09.013

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Flight ability of the peach fruit moth, Carposina sasakii (Lepidoptera: Carposinidae), fed on different host plants

GONG Qiang1,2, GONG Ya-Jun2, CAO Li-Jun2, ZHENG Xiao-Yu2, PU De-Qiang3, HUANG Qiong1,*WEI Shu-Jun2,*   

  • Online:2020-09-20 Published:2020-09-30

Abstract: 【Aim】 To evaluate the flight ability of the peach fruit moth, Carposina sasakii, fed on different host plants, so as to provide basic data for its forecast and management. 【Methods】 The flight ability of female and male adults of C. sasakii fed on different host plants (crabapple, apple and apricot) was measured by using a flight mill device, and the average flight distance, average flight duration, average flight speed and maximum flight speed were compared between female and male adults fed on the same host plant and among individuals of the same sex fed on different host plants. 【Results】 The longest flight distance, the longest flight duration and the maximum flight speed of C. sasakii adults within 12h flight testing  were 24.54 km, ~12 h and 5.88 km/h, respectively. The highest proportion of individuals (36.98%) had a flight duration ranging between 11 and 12 h. The values of various flight parameters were higher in female adults than in male adults fed on the same host plant. There was significant difference in the average flight distance between female and male adults fed on apple and crabapple, and the average flight distance of female adults fed on apple was significuntly longer than that fed on apricot. The average flight speed and the maximum flight speed of female adults fed on apple were significantly higher than those fed on the other two hosts. However, the values of various flight parameters of male adults fed on different host plants showed no significant difference. 【Conclusion】 C. sasakii adults have a relatively strong flight ability, and exhibit different flight abilities between female and males fed on the same host plant and among female individuals fed on different host plants.

Key words: Carposina sasakii, flight ability, host plant, sex, flight mill, apple; crabapple, apricot