Acta Entomologica Sinica ›› 2008, Vol. 51 ›› Issue (7): 753-760.

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A review of the genera Phlossa Walker and Iragoides Hering in China (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae

WU Chun-Sheng   

  • Online:2008-07-20 Published:2008-07-20

Abstract: The genus Iragoides Hering has been considered as a junior synonym of Phlossa Walker. The both genera contain 12 species together. However, the type species of Phlossa does not accord with that of Iragoides in the male and female genitalia. Therefore, the genus name Iragoides Hering is available and restored here. In Iragoides, the juxta has minute spines in the posterior portion or a pair of membranous processes bearing hair at each side in the male genitalia, and the corpus bursae has two signa which usually are trigonal plates bearing minute spines in the female genitalia. In Phlossa, the juxta is typical, without any spines or processes in the male genitalia, and the corpus bursae has a crescent signum in the female genitalia. Four species of the genus Phlossa Walker and five species of the genus Iragoides Hering are recognized from China, including I. lineofusca, a new species described herein. Iragoides elongate Hering is reported for the first time in China. The photographs and the genital illustration of the examined species are given. Keys to the Chinese species of both two genera are provided. The type specimens of the new species are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Key words: Lepidoptera, Limacodidae, Phlossa, Iragoides, taxonomy, new species, China